Never Not Broken

by lizhuston

(original art by Liz Huston)

Introducing my latest piece, “Never Not Broken”

I read about this Hindu Goddess in my studies, Akhilandeshvari, who is one of the main forms of Parvati. Her name translated means, “She who is Never Not Broken”.

It was August of 2016 when I first learned of her, and She has been beckoning me to make a piece about her ever since. Her creation was a long 10 months, full of resistance and doubt. She tested me energetically, emotionally, spiritually like no other piece. She brought me to my knees and in sharing her with you today, I feel as if I have never been more vulnerable.

Looking at her with fresh eyes, I think she is what happens after The Tower. After everything falls apart, we are never not broken. But we are never not whole, either. There is a strange paradox at work here, as we often encounter when pondering our essential natures.

Today, she is telling me to be careful not to fall in love with one static version of yourself – either the idea of being whole or the idea of broken. There is a natural flow in our identities, personalities, beliefs. When we become too rigid in who we believe ourselves to be, we deny the other parts and the multitude of potentials. When we insist on being broken, we ignore the ways in which we are whole. Perhaps in embracing the paradox, or at least viewing it, we may come closer to who we truly are in our core.

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